PTP companies capacities to be used in cooperation with petrochemical industry

0 Apr 25 2021 In بین‌المللی

The joint cooperation meeting between Pardis Technology Park and Petrochemical Industry Knowledge-Based Business Development Center was held aiming to use PTP members’ capacities in the field of petrochemical industry.

The event was held in the presence of the Managing Director of Pardis Technology Park for investment and Indigenization Ahmad Asgari and Head of Industry Knowledge-Based Business Development Center Hassan Gholipour.

Addressing the meeting, Asgari elaborated on the PTP mission with regard to developing knowledge-based economy in oil industry.

The purpose of such cooperation is to create a close interaction between knowledge-based companies and managers and experts in the oil industry with Petrochemical Industry Knowledge-Based Business Development Center.

He also referred to coordinating the supply and demand of technology using the capabilities of knowledge-based companies, accepting legal, financial responsibilities and implementation of knowledge-based projects in this industry, supporting knowledge-based companies in providing the required guarantees for agreements and national and international standards as other supports provided by Pardis Technology Park.

Meanwhile, Gholipour said developing contracts on indigenizing technology in the petrochemical industry and supporting knowledge-based companies in the implementation of petrochemical projects was one of the most important goals of opening the center.

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