PTP introduces top young technologists

0 Feb 08 2021 In بین‌المللی

In a meeting which was held in the presence of THE President of Pardis Technology Park Mahdi Saffari Nia, PTP introduced its top young technologists.

During the meeting, three top technologists were appreciated.

Maryam Zare from Zharf Andishan Zist Baspar for receiving five grants from Council for Development of Stem Cell Sciences and Technologies, having effective role in producing 70 knowledge-based products in polymer and medical engineering fields was one of the nominees.

Abaghan Ghaharaman graduated with a master's degree and a PhD in entrepreneurship management from the University of Barcelona, with 3 ISI articles and effective in producing 4 knowledge products in "Guyana Software" company, was apprciated as another top technologist.

Khalil Hosseinzadeh from Kavandish System was also appreciated for his participation in developing electric surgery devices and for designing and manufacturing electrical surgical devices capable of argon plasma coagulation.

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