PTP products enjoy 65 million euro exports capacity

0 Apr 06 2021 In بین‌المللی

Managing Director of Pardis Technology Park for planning and economic affairs Mohsen Pilan Najad said PTP is supposed to have 200,000 billion rials worth of sale and 65 million euro worth of exports.

Thanks to the fact that last year was named by Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution as year of surge in production, about 80 key indices of performance have been defined and implemented in the framework of expert programs in Pardis Technology Park.

He added that about 400 performance indices were defined and monitored last year.

One of the index programs called surge in technology trade was implemented last year with a turnover capacity of 5,000 billion rials by Iran National Techmart.

In fact, Pardis Innovation District enjoying a good experience of a full innovation ecosystem, suitable conditions such as industry formation, innovation and living in Pardis city as well as suitable climate can become a suitable model for innovation districts in Iran.

He also pointed to increasing members, national and international technology units, teams, freelancers, accelerators, attracting Iranian in foreign countries, developing experts and laboratory services, public services, promoting investment in infrastructure, sites, research and development and projects, meeting needs of industries and concentrating on production and creating synergy among members as objectives of Pardis Technology Park.

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