PTP trying to remove oil industry technology indigenization obstacles

0 Sep 21 2020 In بین‌المللی

Managing Director of Pardis Technology for investment and indigenization Ahmad Asgari said that efforts are underway for developing services to supply and demand for technology and innovation of all companies in the field of oil, gas, petrochemical and refining.

Pardis Technology Park is trying to develop supply and demand services for all companies affiliated with National Iranian Gas Company like National Iranian Oil Company, National Petrochemical Company and National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company, he added.

He noted that Pardis Technology Park have faced various challenges in using capacity of knowledge-based and technology companies in cooperation with petroleum ministry companies.


He referred to the background of PTP’s activities in paving the way for indigenizing oil industry, saying Pardis Technology Park as a governmental body and one of the centers affiliated with Vice Presidency for Science and Technology Affairs has been trying to reduce oil industry challenges for knowledge-based companies.

He noted that PTP has signed indigenization and development contracts by using instruments and legal models on behalf of knowledge-based companies with National Iranian Gas Company, National Iranian Oil Company, Pars Oil and Gas Company and

Exploration Directorate of National Iranian Oil Company.

Accordingly, Pardis Technology Park has taken measures like assessment of Technological needs, identification of bottlenecks in the supplying strategic goods, monitoring the capability and technical evaluation and business of knowledge-based companies and technology based on the requirements, technology supply and demand alignment, signing technology localization contracts and leading and supervising implementation of technology indigenization contracts.

Pardis Technology Park has put on the agenda holding innovation events, technology tours aiming to maintain interaction among knowledge-based companies, experts and industrial managers.

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