Pakistan hosts D8-TTEN High Council Meeting

0 Dec 23 2020 In بین‌المللی

The 5th virtual High Council Meeting of D8-TTEN was hosted by Pakistan and in the presence of deputy secretary of D8-TTEN Milad Sadrkhanlou and D-8 Secretary General Dato' Ku Jaafar Ku Shaari.

The event was aimed at creating synergy for the activities of the member states, upgrading programs and activities, presenting views, brain storming and presenting potentials and needs.

It will draw the roadmap for the network and will approve new decisions proposed by countries.

The 4th round of the event was held in Bangladesh in 2017.

Speaking on the sidelined of the event, Sadrkhanlou said fortunately the event which was held online due to the outbreak of corornavirus was welcomed by all member states.

He added that all members presented report on the measures taken in the field of technology.

They also exchanged views on cooperation in the group, he noted.

D8 secretariat, which is located in Pardis Technology Park, also presented a report on the measures taken during the current Christian year and elaborated on its plans for the next year.

Sadrkhanlou went on to say that obliging eight member states to participate in the innovation and technology exhibitions of other states were among approvals of the event.

Referring to holding TIM meeting in Iran, he said it will help innovative and technological activities through injecting investment.

Requiring eight member states to activate their private sectors and introduce technology brokers to enter technology partnership was among approvals, he said.

Iran suggested members to introduce at least one active company in private sector to D8 network.

The decision is aimed at establishing interaction between brokers in member states to boost trade and technology transfer.

The D8 was established as an organization to improve the position of developing countries in the global economy, to diversify and to create new opportunities in trade relations, to increase participation in decision-making at the international level and to provide a better standard of living among the eight members, namely Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey.

D-8 is an active network which has been established among eight developing Muslim countries.

The network organizes missions like capacity building and dissemination of information on D-8 countries' technological capabilities, achievements and needs, and creates coordination and synergy between member states.

Accordingly, various tools have been created for reinforcing technology-trade atmosphere. These tools include a database of supply and demand, supporting participation in exhibitions, workshops, business meetings, investment atmosphere and technology transfer, and product exchange opportunities.

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