Pardis Technology Park Export 35 million euros of Knowledge-based Productions to 21 Countries

0 Sep 22 2019 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

The knowledge-based companies at the Pardis technology park (PTP) export 35 million euros productions to 21 countries during the past year, the president of Pardis Technology Park Mehdi Saffarinia announced during the park’s 17th annual congress.

During the past year, the exporting of 40 products by knowledge-based companies at PTP to 21 countries brought 35 million euros, he explained.

The 31 percent growth in selling and 9 percent growth in human resources are other achievements of PTP during the past year, he announced.

The Pardis technology park invested 379 billion rials in research and development and 457 billion rials for expanding 15000 cubic meters research and technology spaces during the past year, he added.

He named the customization of technological knowledge and synergy of PTP’s members with Iranian universities as well as technological knowledge exchange and development of member companies in quality and quantity as other achievements during the past year.

Sadaf Empowerment Plan to strengthen students to learn skills for finding a job is another step taken by PTP during past year, he said.

Nine events and festivals to meet the technological needs of different industries by the Iran National Technomart are other achievements of the park, he added.

Empowerment of entrepreneurs, meeting the preliminary demands of Iran and providing synergy between knowledge-based companies at PTP are other achievements Saffarinia mentioned during his speech.

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