Pardis Technology Park Exports 40 Knowledge-Based Products to 20 Countries

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Having referred to the export of 40 knowledge-based products of this Park to 20 countries across the world, Head of Pardis Technology Park asserted that, "Right now, the export value of the knowledge-based products of Pardis Technology Park has reached 200 million dollars.

As reported by the Public Relations Dept. of Pardis Technology Park, Mehdi Safarinia said in an interview with the scientific group of IRNA on Saturday, "Three major events have happened in Pardis Technology Park which have special significance from the national point of view and that is first, there are seven groups in Pardis Technology Park in which foreign investment has taken place. This is an important fact in the subject of investor, technical knowledge and market development.”

He further added, "These groups are active in the fields of pharmaceutics, medical equipment and Information Technology, and they export their products to several countries across the world including Italy, South Korea, France and Spain, which is considered as a unique event in the country’s technology area.

**Employment of 4,500 people in 205 companies in Pardis Technology Park

Referring to the employment of about 4,500 specialized forces in 205 companies located in Pardis Technology Park, Mr. Safarinia enumerated that, "The export value of the knowledge-based products of Pardis Technology Park has already reached 200 million dollars; however, the targets we have set forth are expected to be more than that!”

Pointing to the number of knowledge-based products exported by Pardis Technology Park, the Head of the Park asserted that, "According to the latest statistics received from the active units of the Park, some 40 knowledge-based products are being exported to 20 countries around the world.”

He noted that, "The sales value of the knowledge-based companies settled in Pardis Technology Park was 62,000 billion Rials in 2017, which is not only a substantial amount in Iran but also in the Middle East.

Having referred to the addition of some 258 new members to the big family Pardis Technology Park, Safarinia mentioned that, "This number consists of 40 brokerages in the Technology Business Development Center, 25 accelerators in the Innovation Acceleration Center, 50 companies in the Elites Incubator, 47 companies in the rented buildings of the park and 96 companies in the owned section of the park.” According to the Head of Pardis Technology Par, "There are already 205 companies in the Park, of which 106 companies are located in the Park, 55 members are incubators and 44 members are the business development companies.”

**Recruiting 20 non-resident Iranian specialists and investors at Pardis Technology Park

Head of Pardis Technology Park further added that, "The 2nd happening in this Park is that in line with recruiting the elite, in the last two years, we have been able to recruit some 20 non-resident Iranian specialists in interested in entrepreneurship by operating startups.”

He underlined that, "However, it is notable that this valuable task has been accomplished in the fervent political conditions of the state in the international arena, and the managerial headquarters of the science and technology of the state has been capable of creating facilities and attractions so that the non-resident Iranian specialists become interested in returning to their country and making investments and operating companies in Iran.”

Head of Pardis Technology Park also stated that, "Of course, the attraction process of the lite and non-resident investors are already taking place faster than before.”

**The Plan of Pardis Technology Park for attracting the Giants of Technology from all around the world

Having referred to the fact that companies with IT & Biotechnology fields of activity constitute almost a large number of the units located in Pardis Technology Park, Safarinia said that, "The third happening in the Park is to prepare a plan and present it to the board of trustees of the Park with the purpose of attracting the giants of technology from all around the world.”

He believes that, "Presence of the giants of technology in Pardis Technology Park will lead to the improvement and development of technology in the region and attraction of startups and educated manpower to the Park; because many of the educated elite are interested in working in companies bearing technical experience and international validity.”

Safarinia further added that, "If we bring about such capacities in our country, the young elite would no more be fond of leaving their country, exactly like the 4,500 young educated specialists who work in Pardis Technology Park.”

He referred to following up the innovation plan of Pardis as another assignment to be accomplished by the board of trustees and said, "This plan, on which we have been working within a two-year period, consists of the expansion of the area of the Park for about one thousand hectares around Pardis city, which will provide new exclusive areas for the high-tech companies as well as national international holdings.”

It is worth noting that Pardis Technology Park is regarded as the most important and the biggest technology park across the nation, which was established by virtue of the permission of the Higher Education Development Council in 2005 and as a sub-branch to the Vice-Presidency of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and with the association of some universities as well as science-research centers, whose aim is to commercialize the achievements of technologists and to lay the foundations for the growth and development of technology and the market of the knowledge-based enterprises. Pardis Technology Park, as one of the branches affiliated to the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, has been host to more than 200 knowledge-based technologist units from among more than 1900 applicants in the advanced fields of technology such as Communication and Information Technology, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, new materials, mechanics and automation, and these technologist units have been able to establish their research centers or their engineering offices here in Pardis Technology Park.
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