Pardis Technology Park attracting Iranian experts abroad

0 Sep 21 2020 In بین‌المللی

Director General of Pardis Technology Park for international affairs Amin Reza Khaleghian said many of the businesses launched by non-resident Iranians abroad who are mostly from US and Canada are about to sign billion-contracts.

Khaleghian noted that grounds have been prepared by Iran's National Elites Foundation for attracting experts and entrepreneurs in Pardis Technology Park.

He went on to say that 28 non-resident experts and entrepreneurs have so far studied in prestigious universities abroad, adding that most of them are from US and Canada but some of them have also returned from Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Italy, UK, Sweden and Germany.

He said that 21 experts are working in Pardis Technology Park and 7 entrepreneurs have left the park for various reasons.

Many of the companies in Pardis Technology Park are about to sign contract with big governmental companies.

Most of the companies are active in the field of new energies, IT and biotechnology.

He referred to gas sensors, cancer treatment privatization and waste management as examples of successful projects which are about to sign contract.

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