Pardis Technology Park facilitates its members presence in oil industry tenders

0 Aug 21 2020 In بین‌المللی

Pardis Technology Park facilitates participation of its members in oil industry tenders in line with supporting their markets development.

According to Pardis Technology Park public relations office, in line with developing market, increasing technical and executive power and boosting financial capability of the knowledge-based and technology companies, Pardis Technology Park is to support members' presence in tenders.

Member companies can also take advantage of Pardis Technology Park capacities for attending tenders.

Providing the guarantees required by the employer , helping improve process of taking concession of the quality of tenders for evaluation objectives by providing the executive and contractual records of the park, forming a consortium with other knowledge-based and technology companies to increase technical capacity, implementing and solving legal rating challenges and financing During the implementation of the project by the park and real and legal investors were among these facilities.
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