Pardis Technology Park helps knowledge-based companies attend big tenders

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The process of ceding phase 3 of Pardis Technology Park which started in an area covering 31 hectares is considered as an important step in developing Pardis Innovation District.

Countries located in this phase can enjoy concessions provided by Pardis Technology Park for attending big tenders.

Pardis Technology Park has started the process of ceding phase three lands to knowledge-based and technology companies.

The Managing Director of Pardis Technology Park for Communication and International Affairs Amin Reza Khaleghian elaborated on PTP development phases, saying the document for building phase 4 of Pardis Technology Park was signed in line with creating Pardis Innovation District in the second month of the Iranian calendar year (Started on March 20).


Meanwhile, the agreement for launching Pardis Innovation District University was signed.

The university joined Pardis Technology Park in an area covering 25 hectares.

One month later, the MoU for creating digital economy park in Pardis Technology Park was signed in the presence of Iran’s Minister of Information and Communications Technology Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi and Vice-President for Scientific and Technological Affairs Sorena Sattari, he added.

Khaleghian went on to say that there are 275 companies in Pardis Technology Park and 80% of them are knowledge-based.


These companies are active in information technology, communication, bio, mechanic, nano and chemistry.

He noted that companies active in advanced medical equipment, information technology and communication, electronics, control and instrumentation, laboratory services and workshop are priority for been accepted as new members of Pardis Technology Park.

Khaleghian reiterated the fact that Iranian government has created suitable situation for technology and knowledge-based companies in Pardis Technology Park.


After finalizing cession of phase 3, it will be expanded to 60 hectares and Pardis Technology Park will turn into Pardis Innovation District.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Iranian official elaborated on the advantages of joining Pardis Technology Park, saying presenting general and expert services is considered as merits of participating the park.

Hotel, mosque, sports arena, kindergarten, clinic, swimming pool and bank are examples of general advantages.

He noted that the presence of knowledge-based companies has paved the way for establishing cooperation and synergy.

Elaborating on the process of cession in Pardis Technology Park, Khaleghian said the first stage of registration is online, adding that financial and technical capability of companies will be reviewed.

Elite Technology Development Center is located in the first phase which is for startups and knowledge-based companies with lower financial capability, he said.


The third phase of the park is for big and medium-sized enterprises which can afford to buy land and to build and equip it, he added.


According to the call released, production units with hi-tech products whose value added are high and their products are based on expert forces and do not have mass production, development and research units of the industries whose products are being made outside the park, laboratories, workshops and special fab labs which present hi-tech services are among those companies which are eligible for Pardis Technology Park membership.

Big industrial and investment holdings will also be able to make their expert camps based on the regulations of the park.

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