Pardis Technology Park indigenizes elevator drive system

0 Jan 10 2021 In بین‌المللی

SBT electric which is a member of Pardis Technology Park has produced elevator drive system for reducing energy consumption, changing speed, protecting against overload and for remote control of elevator.

SBT electric specializes in designing and producing elevator drive system (inverter) and industrial drive with the ability of controlling geared motors and gearless ones based on consumers’ need.

SBT electric is the best producer of the Iranian elevator drive.

Mass production and designing elevator drives requires the simultaneous and smart cooperation of experienced professionals in three fields of control, power electronics, and digital electronics.

Drives are devices that convert input power at a constant voltage and frequency to output power at a variable voltage and frequency.

In fact, mechanism of drives will result in controlling speed of engine. This ability of drives reduces mechanical stresses in rotating devices such as couplings.

Reducing energy, ability to change speed, protection against overload and remote controlling are among the advantages of drives.

SBT electric products are divided in three categories of gearbox drive, gearbox and single-phase.

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