Pardis Technology Park, the best context for Investment

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Pardis Technology Park, the best context for Investment

The president of PTP, Mr. Safarinia stated that we have high potentials in various fields of knowledge-based activities and PTP is the best context for targeted investment.

According to PTP’s Public Relations, Engineer Mahdi Saffarinia, the president of PTP on the first workshop on technology parks’ management and commercialization, pointed out to Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO)‘s significant capabilities in various fields, including Energy, Mining, Communications, Environment,, investment and etc and stated that we can use this context for the outmost usage of this system to improve and transfer technological knowledge .

He emphasized on the potentials available in PTP in knowledge-based fields and said that PTP with high potentials in different fields is ready for cooperation and pointed out: PTP with high potentials in various fields, we are ready to cooperate with the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), to develop technologies and strengthen targeted investment.

He pointed out to the former cooperation of PTP with ECO and added: Interaction of PTP with the Economic Cooperation Organization has started many years ago so that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s representative participated in the twenty-fifth meeting of the Strategic Council for Regional Cooperation, former ECO Secretary-General’s speech in INOTEX2015, holding a joint workshop of ECO and WIPO in PTP.

The President of PTP emphasized on the cooperation of ECO Science Foundation with PTP in holding the first Technology Award (Mustafa Prize), and said, we hope that science transfer in all fields, especially in the areas of Knowledge-Based would increase and leads to development of cooperation with technology parks in other countries to meet the welfare of people in all areas.

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