Pardis Technology Park to export products to China

0 Jun 20 2020 In بین‌المللی

Iran-China Advanced Technology Center signed MoU with Pardis Technology Park aiming to join its brokers for exporting PTP members' products to China.


The MoU was signed by Head of trade development center of Pardis Technology Park Milad Sadrkhanloo and head of Iran-China advanced technologies center Amir Ghorban Ali.

Despite the fact that China has a strong exports market, evidence show that it had also imports, Sadrkhanloo said.

A country where the area and population of some of its states is larger than those of our country and the GDP of some of its states is higher than that of ours can be a good market for selling our technological products, he added.

Sadrkhanloo said decision has been made to take serious stride for developing international market of Pardis Technology Park and exporting their goods to China.

Iran-China advanced technologies center is a famous broker in exporting Iranian technology products and has had extensive interactions with Vice Presidency for Science and Technology Affairs and Pardis Technology Park as well, he added.

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