Pardis Technology Park to export products to Kyrgyzstan, Oman, Afghanistan

0 Jun 20 2020 In بین‌المللی

Head of trade development center of Pardis Technology Park Milad Sadrkhanloo referred to signing MoU with two technology exports brokers, saying PTP products will be exported to Kyrgyzstan, Oman and Afghanistan.

Sadrkhanloo said one of the brokers is active in Oman and Kyrgyzstan technology exports and the other one is active in Afghanistan health technology exports.


Elaborating on the special plans of the two mentioned brokers, he said in addition to their general activities like holding talks with companies and identifying suitable products for destination markets and their efforts for exports, they have special programs for Pardis Technology Park companies.


The broker which is active in Oman and Kyrgyzstan is trying to launch a showroom on technology products.


The broker which is active in Afghanistan has suggested the plan for constructing a clinic in Afghanistan.


Most of the equipment of the clinic is supplied by Pardis Technology Park and Iran National Techmart.


Edited On : Jul 19 2020

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