Pardis Technology Park unveils three oil and gas products

0 Mar 14 2021 In بین‌المللی

The unveiling ceremony was held in the presence of Vice-President for Science and Technology Affairs Sourena Sattari.

Addressing the event, President of Pardis Technology Park Mahdi Saffari Nia said research agreements are usually signed between industry and universities.

But after identifying the technological demands of the industry, PTP seeks to meet them by taking advantage of the capacity and power of its members.

Pars Pardaz Company has produced ‘PARS II’ which is a system for controlling turbine.

This system, which is produced for the first time in Iran, is used to control, guide, protect and operate various types of turbochargers, turbogenerators, turbopumps in different capacities.

The most important features of this machine are the indigenized process, lower price compared to the American model, one-year performance guarantee and two-year storage warranty in standard conditions, as well as 10-year after-sales service and technical-engineering and support services.

Binab Sanjesh Damavand Company which is a member of Pardis Technology Park has produced TDLAS Gas Analyzers. This product plays a key role in monitoring and controlling air pollution.

All major industries that produce environmental gas pollutants or are exposed to dangerous gases can be considered potential customers of TDLAS Gas Analyzers.

Binab Sanjesh Damavand Company is now among companies such as ABB, Siemens and Yokogawa, as major players in the field of laser gas analyzers.

Blue Waves Company also produced turbine control system pressure boost compatible with technology.

Turbochargers are used at the outlets of refineries and gas booster stations to boost gas pressure. CCC control system is one of their control systems.

According to CCC official website, the CCC Speed and Extraction controllers provide high quality control accuracy and improved machinery protection through our advanced control algorithms.

Our controllers are designed to control all types of API 612 Special Purpose turbines including single valve and multi-valve turbines, single extraction/admission turbines as well as double extraction/admission turbines.Our configurable and flexible automatic start and stop sequencing algorithms ensure smooth and safe loading and unloading of the turbomachinery train.

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