Pars Nahand Engineering Co. unveils new product

0 May 20 2021 In بین‌المللی

The Newest product of Pars Nahand Engineering Company which is a member of Pardis Technology Park was unveiled on the sidelines of INOTEX 2021.

The event was held in the presence of the Head of Food and Drug Administration of The Islamic Republic of Iran Mohammad Reza Shanehsaz and Managing Director Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education for medical equipment affairs Saeed Reza Shahmoradi.

Sandblast is a fully automatic machine used for dental implants and orthopedic screws, which is the first example made in Iran that performs the entire sandblasting process automatically by spraying aluminum oxide (alumina) without human intervention.

It has the capacity of 200 parts. This product is designed and produced to create uniformity in the final product, to prevent dust in the environment, to reduce manpower, environmental friendliness, low energy consumption and for use of abrasives.

CEO of Pars Nahand Engineering Company Vahid Nilchiani said the product has been made domestically but some of its parts were supplied from abroad.

Edited On : Jun 19 2021

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