Planting 500 Seedlings in Pardis Technology Park

0 Apr 15 2019 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

The senior managers and personnel of Pardis Technology Park planted 500 seedlings in the green belt of the Park concurrently with the tree-planting day.

As reported by the Public Relations Dept. of Pardis Technology Park, Reza Ilbeigi, the Director General of Maintenance and Repair Dept. of Pardis Technology Park, said in the ceremony, "Some 1500 seedlings are going to be planted in the current year and concurrently with the natural resource week, part of which will be provided by the supports of Asan Pardakht Persian Company.

Concerning the completion of the green belt of Pardis Technology Park, Ilbeigi added, "Right now, about 2 hectares out of the entire 1000 hectares of the park has been allocated to green areas which will be gradually added to that.”

Ilbeigi said that the seedlings planted this year include both fruit and evergreen trees and he added that, "Completion of the green belt of Pardis Technology Park started last year by planting 1000 seedlings from the eastern angle of the park and it shall continue to the northern angle. In addition, we are going to develop the 3rd phase of the park.” Referring to the importance of the symbolic plantation of seedlings on the tree-planting day and that it is a culture-making program and that the attendance of people who participate in such occasions is much too significant, Ilbeigi further added that "We hope we see the day when more seedlings are planted and more Iranians participate in such a benignant occasion.”

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