Professional Conference for exploitation of the Civil and Construction Industry's Technologies

0 Feb 18 2016 In بین‌المللی توسط International

Having participated the active member companies of Islamic Revolution Mostazafan Foundation and the innovators in Tehran, the second professional conference in the field of new technology approaching Civil and Construction Industry, was held in Pardis Technology Park.

According to the public relations department of Pardis Technology Park, a video clip was played in this meeting, about the park's activities and the guests' familiarity was raised about the park. Afterwards, the park’s deputy for technology development mentioned the history of visiting of the foundation’ senior managers to Pardis Technology Park and stated: "Eng. Saeedikia, the president of Islamic Revolution Mostazafan Foundation in charge of a delegation visited the park which resulted the development of bilateral cooperation.”

Eng. Saberi also added: "According to numerous holding and more than 200 sub-holding companies which work for the foundation and the foundation’s high experience in various financial projects, this meeting has been held in the field of civil and construction whereas the foundation’s great companies attended, in order to make an appropriate environment for consumers and customers to know each other more and more.”

According to Saberi, this is the second time that this kind of meeting, which the first one was for gas companies, is held in the park which is for making more relationships between knowledge-based companies and the multiple products applicants.

Having stated, in the following, that the technomarket’s goal is to make a commercializing cycle and help the products being presented to the market, the manager of Iranian National Technomarket expressed: "60 products related to civil and construction field were introduced to us in Tehran, out of which 42 products were eligible to be presented.”

Akbar Ghanbarpour also added: "28 companies have introduced the products to the applicants who could hold a 45-minute private meetings, after choosing the products, in the 6 rooms already prepared, to interact with the producers. There is the possibility for holding 25 meetings, overall.”

Having mentioned the leasing facilities for the knowledge-based companies, Ghanbarpour stated: "Facilities up to IRR 5000 billion have been regarded by the Innovation and Efflorescence Fund for the companies which have the requisites to being knowledge-based and private. The repayment installments would take 36 months, after a 3-month gap.”

In the following, the CEO of Paya Saman Pars, thanked and appreciated Pardis Technology Park and declared: "To be in line with the foreseen prophecy of the foundation, having cooperation with the knowledge-based companies are the duties which have to be fulfilled.”

In Majid Shahsavari’s belief, since both producer and consumer are ready to interact in Pardis Technology Park and could develop their business, these cooperation could be more powerful and fruitful.

It is worth to be noted that the guests visited the exhibition was held in the Iranian National Technomarket Complex. The civil and construction’s experts and activists had presented their latest products.

At the end of the meeting, the guests divided to the groups participated the face-to-face meetings along with a leader.

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