SATRAP Green Treatment Company makes treatment of livestock effluents and municipal wastewater possi

0 Dec 29 2020 In بین‌المللی

The Chief Executive Officer of SATRAP Green Treatment Company in Pardis Technology Park Ahmad Salsabili said the company has produced a kind of bacteria for treating livestock effluents and wastewater.

According to Mehr News Agency, SATRAP Green Treatment Company is a member of Elite Technology Development Center.

In order to produce the reactor, we had studied other methods but the advantages of the new method was to use bacteria in wastewater for accelerating treatment process and increasing the efficiency of wastewater treatment system, Salsabili said.

He noted that the previous methods were too old, expensive and low efficient.

With the method we have taken now, we can treat the effluent from livestock and municipal wastewater, produce and supply valuable materials as by-products, and at the same time return the treated water to the cycle, he added.

We can introduce the substances that we seek to remove from the effluent as food for these bacteria and remove from the effluent, Salsabili stated.

In fact, this is a new system that uses small amounts of salts to treat wastewater by bacteria, he reiterated.

He noted that the plan will reduce expenses for any organization.

The reactor with a treatment capacity of 14 liters per hour is now installed in Pardis Technology Park and has the possibility of treating nitrogen and phosphorus-rich effluents.

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