Sahar Bahmani ranks 2nd as top female entrepreneur

0 Mar 17 2021 In بین‌المللی

Sahar Bahmani, the Managing Director of Zist Takhmir pharmaceutical company has been selected as the second top female entrepreneur in the 8th round of top female entrepreneurs.

Bahmani was selected through a poll which was underway for 20 days including 110 female entrepreneurs published by the Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs website.

As a knowledge-based spin-off company, Zist Takhmir started its activities in the Pharmaceutical Incubator of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 2002.

The company has since managed to register several probiotic formulations as well as bulk probiotic bacteria in the Food and Drug Organization of Iran.

Zist Takhmir is the leading manufacturer of probiotic bulks as well as probiotic dosage form supplements in Iran. There are also several products in the pipeline which will be available within the next year.

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