Science, Research and Technology Minister lauds PTP expert technology services corridor broker

0 Dec 29 2020 In بین‌المللی

‘Dad Flamingo’ is known as the top knowledge-based company in human sciences field.

‘Dad Flamingo’ which is one of the brokers of expert technology services corridor was appreciated as top knowledge-based company in human sciences field in the virtual meeting of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology titled "the role of humanities in research and technology".

The company is the result of innovative combination of legal and financial services.

Presenting various commercialization, innovation and technology services, establishing a foreign office to facilitate technological interactions of Iranian companies and launching the smart Flamingo system for online production of contracts and legal electronic signatures, are among services provided by Flamingo affiliated companies.

Perpetual faces in human sciences, counselors and ideologists were also praised during the event.

Dad Famingo Company also presents services to Pardis Technology Park companies in legal and valuation fields.

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