Specialized Meeting on exploitation of the internal technologies of Iran s gas industry ended

0 Nov 07 2015 In بین‌المللی توسط International

The two-day Specialized Meeting on exploitation of internal technologies of Iran’s gas industry which was held by cooperation of Iran National techno market and National Iranian Gas Company in Pardis Technology Park, concluded with offering of 55 products from 33 companies.

On the first day and in the opening ceremony, Mr.Hossein Saberi, deputy director of development of Pardis Technology Park stated the history of cooperation with the National Iranian Gas Company and concluding a research contract between the 2 sets in 2012 and the process of commercialization of research findings of gas industry in PTP.

Then, doctor Pakseresht, Research and Technology Deputy for National Iranian Gas Company, considered this meeting as a blessed event and added that holding this meeting is with the aim to familiarize with domestic capabilities of gas industry and knowledge-based technological companies and with regard to the importance of locally manufactured products, the National Iranian Gas Company and its subsidiaries will do their best with the utmost seriousness to exploit these products.

Mr. Akbar Ghanbarpour, head of Iran national Techno market explained the details of the meeting, and said: One of the main missions of Iran'national Techno market is linking the supply and demand and in this 2 day specialized meeting, the first day would be spent to visit the exhibition of high-tech companies in gas industry and the second day would be devoted to technical and commercial meetings and negotiations.

Regarding the measures taken to hold this meeting, he pointed out: the most important achievements of this meeting was sending out the submission call and receiving nearly 100 technologies from more than 40 companies, holding expert meetings and selection of 57 products, holding technological products exhibition and allocating financial and credit facilities from the technology development fund (bond issuance, financing, contracts, etc.).

It is noteworthy that in the pursuit of the agreements, a joint committee was formed between the National Iranian Gas Company’s subsidiaries and technological companies.

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