Tavan Pajoohan Fanavar Pasargad makes 5-KW On-grid Solar Inverter

0 May 12 2020 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

Tavan Pajoohan Fanavar Pasargad which is a member of Pardis Technology Park has for the first time produced a five-KW On-grid Solar Inverter.

The domestic solar power plants can produce electricity by using this product.

Inverters are the main elements of a solar plant that receive solar energy from panels and inject it to the power grid.


Photovoltaic power plants consist of solar and inverter arrays connected to the grid and the solar arrays produce electricity.


This electrical power cannot be used in the grid.

The inverter connected to the grid is a powerful inverter which injects the electricity to the grid based on its requirements.

Managing Director of Tavan Pajoohan Fanavar Pasargad Behzad Siah Kolah referred to the development of solar power plants in Iran, saying thanks to the purity of this kind of energy, more investment has been made on it.


Solar energy is the most accessible pure energy in Iran and developing technologies related to the construction of solar power plants is of importance, he added.

Due to the fact that the Iranian Energy Ministry buys the electricity produced by domestic solar power plants, the 5-KW On-grid Solar Inverter is so practical, he noted.

Siah Kolah went on to say that the product has achieved six technical standards and is considered as the first inverter which has received domestic technology privilege from the Iranian Energy Ministry.

The product is useful for domestic power plants and injects maximum energy to the grid.

In case of a power outage, the product is still capable of injecting 5KW power.


This is while, in foreign versions of the product, power decreases as power outage happens.

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