Technology exchange between Iran and Finland

0 May 07 2016 In بین‌المللی توسط International

"This company would be ready to transfer the technology of some diagnostic kits to Iran, if a specific platform is defined”, the representative of Bio-Heat Health Care Finnish Company said.

According to the public relation department of Pardis Technology Park, Semi Korpela, the CEO of HealthCare stated in a meeting with the Park’s headquarter managers: "This company is among the top ones in the field of drug research, and is active in the field of diagnostic kits for the helicobacter and gastric cancer, which unfortunately is prevalent in Iran, and we are ready to transfer the technology to Iranian counterpart companies.”

He continued: "To commercialize the osteoma, a means for controlling gastric acid secretion is also on the agenda of the company and will be released until the end of the year.”

Having pointed to the export the companies’ products to 50 European, Asian and American countries, Korpela stated: "Japan, Sweden, Russia, Finland and Germany have cooperation with this company, of which the central office is in Helsinki and the production line is in Europe.”

It is worth to be mentioned that Bio Heat HealthCare Company’s representatives visited Pardis Technology Park, in order to visit the research and development process of Pooyandegan-e Salamat Co. based in PTP, as the Iranian partner.

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