The 1st Gathering of the Managing Directors of the Companies of Pardis Technology Park in New Year

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The 6th gathering of the managing directors of the companies of Pardis Technology Park was held with the attendance Mehdi Safarinia, the Head of the Park, as well as some of the managing directors of the member companies on 9 June 2019 at Pardis Technology Park’s hotel hosted by Houshmand Asia Industrial Group.

According to the Public Relations Dept. of Pardis Technology Park, in the first gathering of the managers of the Park in 2019 held with the purpose of contemplation and further familiarization of the staff managers and the managing directors of the member companies, Amir Ahmad Sepehri, the managing director of Houshmand Asia Industrial Group congratulated the public for the new year and he further added, "In the past, people did not use to have a positive look upon medicine, and undoubtedly this change in their point of views took place as a result of substantiating the existing medical treatments, and this is what we are already seeing in the engineering fields of study.”

Having referred to the development path of Pardis Technology Park during the past years, Mr. Sepehri talked about the field of activity of Houshmand Asia Industrial Group and said, "Houshmand Asia Industrial Group ‘GSN-Pars’ officially started its activity since 1999 by providing engineering services in traffic area and it is currently expanding its activities with the supports of Amirkabir University of Technology.”

He said, "Children’s Cardiovascular Diseases’ Diagnosis System is another product engineered by this company and in addition to cooperating with Johns Hopkins University, we hope we can attain further properties in this regard.”

Besides, Ali Panirian, the managing director of Yas Innovation & Acceleration Center, explained the schedules of the future gatherings of the same type and said, "We are determined to take into account the entertainment and sport programs in the more unofficial gatherings to be held hereinafter, and to contemplate over the challenges required to be resolved and to write down and document the minutes of the gatherings as well.”


Demonstration of the Achievements of Pardis Technology Park at INOTEX 2019

Akbar Ghanbarpour, the Secretary of the 8thInnovation & Technology Exhibition (INOTEX 2019), as one of the attendants of the 6th gathering of the managing directors of Pardis Technology Park, gave a summary of the activities happened in relation to INOTEX 2019 and said, "In this event, which is due to be held from 9-12 June 2019 at Tehran International Exhibition Center, we will be host to the performers of innovation and technology ecosystem.”

He further added, "We hope we will witness the maximum participation of the companies of Pardis Technology Park as well as their presentation of their achievements to the visitors.”

Ghanbarpour said, "INOTEX 2019 will supply modern products and it will take care of the output of the research units and development of tech companies.”

The gathering of the managing directors of Pardis Technology Park is held every month, each hosted by one of the companies of the Park, alongside resolving the existing challenges and contemplating over the issues among the member companies and the executive staff managers.

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