The 2nd Conference of D-8 Technology Investment (NEXT UP) to be held in Tehran

0 Nov 13 2018 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

The 2nd Conference of D-8 Technology Investment (NEXT UP) is to be held by Pardis Technology Park, as the Secretariat of D-8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network ( TTEN), in December at Pardis Technology Park.

Mr. (Eng.) Mehdi Safarinia, the Head of Pardis Technology Park and the Secretary of D-8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network (TTEN), asserted that, "Holding the Conference of D-8 Technology Investment (NEXT UP) by Pardis Technology Park, which is responsible for D-8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network, started its activity since 2016, and by holding the 1st round of this conferences in Dec. 2017, it officially initialized the series of conferences on technology investment in the country.”

He added, "The 2nd conference aims to introduce the investment opportunities of the startups and the newly-established companies to the potential investors, wherein, the plans able to be invested on, on one hand, and the interested investors, on the other, will be invited to the conference for creating a primary relationship.”

He further mentioned that, "Just like the 1st Conference, discussion panels as well as subjective speeches regarding the current issues on investment in different countries will be performed in this year’s event, and besides that, the investable plans of the startups will be introduced to the investors and we hope we can have one of the best fundraising opportunities within the scope of this conference among the countries.”

"The startups membered in D-8 Organization as well as the startups active in the Islamic nations are able to introduce to their innovative plans or business to the investors. In addition, investors from the member countries and other potential countries will be also registered and invited to the event”, said Mr. Safarinia concerning the registration and attendance in the Conference.

In the end, Mr. Safarinia reminded that, "The contacts of this Conference are the Venture Capital Funds, Angels, the Tech Companies interested in Investment in the Startups, Incubators, Startup Accelerators, Startup Entrepreneurs and the Innovators in different field of technology, who can easily take the required information and details by giving a visit to the official website of the Conference at

It is worth noting that the Technology Transfer and Exchange Network (TTEN) held the 1st Technology Investment Meeting (TIM) centering on the collaboration of the investment funds from the countries membered at D-8 Organization with the attendance of 40 capital venture funds from 8 countries, and based on the plans, the 2nd Conference will be held with the principal of purpose of presenting investment opportunities by the Startup Companies titled "NEXT UP” targeting all the Islamic Nations.

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