The 3rd Event called the Entrepreneurship School held in Pardis Technology Park

0 May 26 2019 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

The third event of Proton Entrepreneurship School was held with the advocates of the Innovation Acceleration Center and with the presence of the students of Allameh Tabatabai and Payam Elm Tehran schools from Mar. 10-12th2019 in Pardis Technology Park.

As reported by the Public Relations Dept. of Pardis Technology Park, Seyed Davoud Motevali, the Specialist of Innovation Acceleration center said about this three-day event, "The third Entrepreneurship School, which is an educational-promotional event, will provide the students with an inclusive opportunity to visit the Skill Training Center and to be able to get familiar with the terms such as startup, business concepts and to closely touch the concept of technology and the mature companies all in a single environment.”

He further added that, "The educational-promotional events are regarded as the best entrepreneurship models during which the students are granted the lucky chance to get trained in the subjects of entrepreneurship, the methods of presenting the business model and recognizing the market and other similar issues, and alongside which the entrepreneurship culture would also develop.”

Motevali said, "During the events of School Entrepreneurship which are due to be held in three days, the students will engage with offering new ideas, making teams and processing their own ideas guided by the mentors, and in the end, all the initiated ideas will be judged to identify the best.”

The Specialist of the Innovation Acceleration center noted that, "This event was held with the support of Proton Entrepreneurship Center, who is one of the popular holders of entrepreneurship events in the country, and with the attendance of 68 girl students from Allameh Tabatabai and Payam Elm Tehran junior and senior high schools in the form of 10 teams, in which the students offered their new ideas.”

Motevali referred to the fact that the events of the entrepreneurship school have the capability to guarantee the future occupation of the students before entering the universities, and further on he talked about the results of the event and said, "The three teams called ‘Soulik’, "the Red Fish’ and ‘G-Max’ were chosen as the best teams of the event, among which ‘the Red Fish’ could successfully attract investment for its plan.”

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