The 8th Festival of Nanotechnology Was Held

0 Feb 01 2016 In بین‌المللی توسط International

According to public relations department of Pardis Technology Park, the greatest and the most authoritative national exhibition for nanotechnology which is the second one on its own in Asia, was held. This annual festival is being taken place by National Nanotechnology Initiative Council of vice-presidency for science and technology.

In this festival held within October 5 to 8, the institutes which were active as promotion organizations such as students clubs, professional book stores, universities societies and educational companies, those were active as scientific centers such as laboratories, universities, research centers, technology parks and incubators, also the industrial companies in twelve categories; equipment producers, water and environment, health and care, civil engineering, agriculture and packing, nanomaterials, textile, oil and related industries, commercial, consulting and service firms, technological service agencies, and international department took part.

The knowledge-based companies "Ara Pajouhesh", "Exir Nano Sina", "Kilo Pico Arian", "Pulse Nirou", which are the members of Pardis Technology Park, exposed their achievements as well.

This round of festival was held at Persian Gulf Hall in the Tehran International Exhibition with the presence of 99 knowledge-based enterprises, funds, technology parks and advocacy campaigns.

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