The Biggest Scientific Event of the Country to be held at the same time with INOTEX 2019

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Birang, the Head of the Center for Science & Technology International Interactions of the Vice-Presidency for Science & Technology, called the 1st Innovation Assembly for Asia and the Pacific hosted by the Islamic Republic of Iran as Iran’s biggest national scientific event.

According to the Public Relations Dept. of Pardis Technology Park, Ali Morteza Birang, the Head of the Center for Science & Technology International Interactions of the Vice-Presidency for Science & Technology said in the press conference of the 8th Innovation & Technology Exhibition (INOTEX 2019) hosted by Azad Innovation Factory, "Last year, Islamic Republic of Iran proposed United Nations to hold the 1st Innovation Assembly for Asia and the Pacific, and now this particular event is due to be held from 10-22 June 2019 at Tehran International Exhibition Center.”

Further in the conference, Seyed Ahmadreza Alaei, the Secretary-General of the Technology & Innovation Exchange Office of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology as well as the Secretary of the Innovation Assembly for Asia and the Pacific said in this regard, "The recommendation for holding the 1stInnovation Assembly for Asia and the Pacific was first offered on the initiative of the Islamic Republic of Iran and upon the offer initiated by the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology late in Feb. 2019, and some 79 invitation letters in total were sent to the ministers of science and technology and the equivalent fields of the member countries as well as 20 international organizations with the joint signature of the President of ESCAP and the Vice-President for Science and Technology.”

Mr. Alaei added, "The purpose for holding this event is primarily to inform our innovation, science and technology capacities and developments to the Asian and Pacific countries and to promote the level of our international cooperation in science and technology.”

Alaei referred to the fact that the most important countries who are cooperating with Iran including Malaysia, India, Russia, China, Japan, Singapore and Turkey are all members of ESCAP as well, and he said, "This event, which is due to be held at the same time with INOTEX 2019, conveys the message that the diplomacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is not only restricted to politics, but it is also prepared to exploit the scientific and technological capacities and developments of the country alongside promoting the level of economic collaborations by the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology.”

The Secretary of the 1st Innovation Assembly for Asia and the Pacific made remarks about the contents and the panels predicted for this event and stated that, "This particular event to be held for two and a half days consists of 5 specialized panels under the following titles: the importance and role of the policies adopted by the governments in the promotion of startups and the role of startups in approaching to the objectives of stable development, the policies of the governments in supporting the cooperation of women in the knowledge-based economy and technological development, the role of technology parks, incubators and technology in the development of innovation ecosystem, the role of financial and investment instruments in technology and commercialization and reviewing the successful political samples in line with promoting the level of innovation.

Mentioning that part of the expenses for the attendance of the representatives of the member countries are due to be paid by the United Nations, he said, "From among the programs predicted for this event are to visit the science and technology capacities of Iran alongside advancing the objectives and developing the exports of knowledge-based products to thee countries and to enter the international markets.”

In addition, Akbar Ghanbarpour, the Secretary of INOTEX 2019 said about the presence of the countries membered at ESCAP in this year’s exhibition, "Several different facilities have been considered for the technology companies, startups and investors of these countries in INOTEX 2019 amongst others we can refer to 20% discount for the settlement of the tech companies belonged to the countries membered in ESCAP, one year free-of-charge settlement at Pardis Technology Park in case of closing collaboration contracts with the Iranian tech companies as well as enjoying the legal privileges of being settled in Pardis Technology Park such as tax exemptions and issuance of business licenses for the foreign nationals for some 20 years.”

It is notable that based on the Charter of the United Nations, the tasks and objectives of the UN are administered by 6 major foundations and hundreds of other sub-branches, one of which is the United Nations Economic & Social Council (UNECOSOC). Alongside achieving a stable development, ESCAP, centrally administered in Bangkok, has commissioned seven committees with its seventeen objectives for stable development in order to transform Asia and the Pacific regions. One of these seventeen objectives, whose accomplishment has been entrusted to the Innovation and Technology Committee, is "Strengthening the executive instruments as well as Reviving global collaboration for realizing stable science, technology and innovation development”.

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