The Book entitled Dictionary of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship was unveiled at PTP

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The book named "Dictionary of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship” was unveiled on Wednesday 15 May 2018 with the presence of Mehdi Safarinia, the Head of Pardis Technology Park.

According to the Public Relations Dept. of Pardis Technology Park, in this ceremony the book entitled "Dictionary of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship” was unveiled with the presence of the managers of Pardis Technology Park together with a group of employees and directors of the companies located in the Park.”

On the sidelines of this ceremony, Mehdi Safarinia, the Head of Pardis Technology Park, made remarks on this book and said, "Most of the university students are not familiar with the terminology of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, so we found it necessary to write down a book introducing the concepts and homogenizing the application of the specialized terms used in this particular field among people. This book helps us construct a uniform literature, so that a unique concept is shaped in people’s minds when hearing or using a particular term.” He further added, "We needed a comprehensive reference book, which could meet the requirements of the specialists. As a result, I hope this book would solve part of the deficiencies of the technology ecosystem of the country and that specialists can take their best advantage of the book.”

Further on in the ceremony, Ali Mamhouri, the 1st author of the book referred to the 15,000 English terms studied and investigated for the finalization of this encyclopedia and said, "I had the idea of putting such book into practice since 2013, so that now with the existing conditions, and in coordination with the Head of Pardis Technology Park, I could finally bring that into play and publish the book.”

He added, "One of my major concerns in writing and publishing this encyclopedia was the insertion of the correct pronunciation of the English terms together with their Persian meanings, which would highly assist the users in the proper use of the terms in the scientific articles and conferences.”

Mamhouri declared that, "Among other characteristics of this encyclopedia one can refer to the introduction of 50 influential scientists in the fields of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, which help the interested reader get familiar with well-known specialists of those fields and to study their works.”

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