The Eleventh National Conference of Regional and Specialized Techno Markets

0 Dec 22 2018 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

Alireza Daliri, the esteemed Deputy of the Management and Fundraising Development Office of the Vice-Presidency for Science & Technology enumerated the necessity of establishing and developing techno markets and called them as motive forces for innovators and technologists. In the following, He underlined the further importance of technology mediators over the knowledge-based enterprises and emphasized on the comprehensive support of the Vice-Presidency for Science & Technology from the development and empowerment of the brokers and activists of Iran National Technomart, reported by Pardis Technology Park Public Relations Dept.

In the other sections of the Conference, issues such as the Specialized Panel of "Technology Marketing Challenges”, and the plan of "Goods Liability Insurance” were initiated as the means for developing the market for knowledge-based products.

It is notable that based on the notification of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, Iran National Technomart is responsible for creating, developing and organizing regional and specialized techno markets across the nation, and it has already operated some 17 regional and 1 specialized techno markets in gas industry.
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