The First International Nanotechnology Olympiad was Started

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The IslamicRepublic of Iran hosted the International Nanotechnology Olympiad. This competition was held from Apr. 10th-15th 2018 in Pardis Technology Park with the attendance of representatives from 8 Asian and European countries. Three teams from Europe and 6 teams from Asia attended this competition. Taiwan, Malaysia, Russia and South Korea participated in the competitions with one team each; the European Union with 3 teams, and Iran with 2 teams.

The First International Nanotechnology Olympiad was inaugurated on Tuesday, Apr. 10th2018 in Pardis Technology Park and with the presence of 8 teams from the Asian and European countries. These competitions are going to take place in groups and within 6 days in both practical and theoretical forms. Taiwan, Malaysia, Russia and South Korea participated in the competitions with one team each; the European Union with 3 teams and the Islamic Republic of Iran participated with 2 teams.

This Olympiad is going to have various programs for 6 days in both morning and evening shifts. The programs include training workshops, team challenges as well as the presentation of innovative plans for Business purposes. On the first day’s morning, the opening program was begun with some of the invitees giving speeches. Dr. Saeid Sarkar, the Nano Staff Secretary, Dr. Beitollahi, Director of Strategic Committee of the Olympiad, Professor Andre Haase and Dr. Gutleb both from the European Union, Professor Goodilin from the State University of Moscow, Professor Shin from South Korea, and finally Professor Ho from Taiwan were the guests and lecturers of this program.

In the beginning of the opening ceremony, Dr. Sarkar said, "This Olympiad is the result of 2 years of planning and continuous negotiations with different countries”, and in the end, he expressed his consent regarding the selection of the teams and subjects discussed in the Olympiad, and he noted that the elections were made intelligently.

He added, "Nanotechnology has influenced various aspects of human life, and different sectors such as agriculture and health etc. have benefited from the privileges of Nanotechnology. In this Olympiad, the two factors of water and the natural environment were selected as the main issues to be discussed; having regard to the pollution of water and the natural environment and the concerns raised thereof, we can enjoy the potentials of Nanotechnology for solving these problems. Provision of healthy and potable water for people has now turned into a global requirement. Sewage has created lots of problems for the countries in the Middle-East, for which suitable solutions can be figured out in order to get rid of them.”

Mr. Andre Haase, who attended the Olympiad on behalf of the European Union, expressed his satisfaction for being among the attendants of this competition and he also appreciated the high level and favorable conditions of holding it.

Having briefly pointed to the short history of Nanotechnology, Professor Shin, from South Korea, made remarks on the potentials and the commercialized applications of this technology. Furthermore, he thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran as the host and the organizing committee of this round of competitions, and he also claimed that "This round of competitions in Iran is definitely higher in level in contrast to other competitions held in the same field in other parts of the world.” In the end, he declared that "Nanotechnology is a newly-born field of study”, and he hoped for the youth to play a substantial role in this field.

Professor Esmarol from Malaysia also expressed his pleasure for attending this Olympiad, and he prayed for success for Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council as the Organizer of this round of competitions.

Professor Goodilin, who previously had the experience of traveling to Iran, remarked that "In my previous trips to Iran, I didn’t recognize the greatness and glory of this country. I want to thank the executive committee, ANF and Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council, and I wish success for all the participants. I hope these competitions can help in the optimal advancement of the brilliant path ahead of us.”

Professor Ho from Taiwan emphasized the role and significance of water and human contamination in his country, and he underlined the necessity of creating a balance and relationship between water and the natural environment. In the opening ceremony, he stated, "We need to equip the new generation with Nanotechnology, so that by which we can solve the future troubles of mankind.”

Dr. Ali Beitollahi underlined the importance of the subject of water and the respective challenges, and he emphasized on the capabilities of Nanotechnology for solving the global issues, then he asked the young researchers present in the Olympiad to step toward commercializing new ideas, having regard to the technical, managerial and safety dimensions as well as intellectual property.

One of the special characteristics of this Olympiad is that the participants are able to get familiar with the global priority topics such as water and the natural environment, and meanwhile, they will attempt to offer solutions for water and environmental challenges using Nanotechnology. During the Olympiad, a couple of training workshops will be held in order to help the participants think of new ideas for finding innovative solutions for the initiated problems.

One of the distinguished aspects of the 1st International Nanotechnology Olympiad compared to other Olympiads of the same nature is utilizing a kind of business approach to solving the problems. In fact, the solutions offered for the problems initiated in the Olympiad have a substantial commercializing impact and they are easily prone to turn into technology.

In the evening shift, workshops be will be set up with the subjects of safety, standardization and the legal aspects. In addition, the participants will have the opportunity to visit the total area of Pardis Technology Park as well as the companies established inside.

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