The Meeting for Exploiting National Technologies in the Field of Marine Propulsions

0 Mar 18 2019 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

In the meeting of exploiting national technologies in the field of marine propulsions, Pardis Technology Park was host to 2ndAdmirer Farhad Amiri, the Deputy of the Minister of Defense and Head of the Training and Research Institute of Defense Industries and Admirer Peyman Jafari Tehrani, the Senior Consultant of the Minister of Defense as well as some of the managers of the Iran Marine Organization, managers of the Admiralty of Islamic Republic of Iran Border Guard Command and Maritime Industry Technologies Development Center.

As reported by the Public Relations Dept. of Pardis Technology Park, The latter meeting was held with the efforts of Iran National Technomart and the Iranian International Technomart and with the purpose of introducing the achievements and the engineering capabilities of the Iranian companies in Pardis Technology Park.

Hossein Saberi, the Deputy of Technology Development of Pardis Technology Park, said in relation to the participation of Iran Maritime Industries Organization, "Iran Maritime Industries Organization is among the most developed organizations in using the capacities of the knowledge-based enterprises.”

Enumerating the existence of the required knowledge in order to get use of the national capabilities in Iran Maritime Industries Organization, Mr. Saberi added, "This organization started getting use of the capacities and capabilities of the local technologists from years before by building battleships, hovercrafts and submarines and the very first small battleship entitled ‘Jamaran’ was built using the achievements of a knowledge-based enterprise.”

Saberi said, "Getting access to non-Iranian technical knowledge was an easy tasks for Iran Maritime Industries Organization, but this organization preferred Pardis Technology Park and exploiting the local technologies; similarly, you see that Iran Electronic Industries attended this Park in the previous weeks and we hope we can start continuous cooperation in line with developing the companies’ market n the near future.

Akbar Ghanbarpour, Head of Iran National Technomart, said in the opening ceremony of the meeting of exploiting national technologies in the field of marine propulsions that, "The institutionalizing and legislative layers have always focused on technology development and what we have neglected all these years has been the development of the market for the internal knowledge-based and technologist companies.”

He further added, "One of the plans of Iran National Technomart is to hold events so that it can face up the knowledge-based companies with the big markets and industries as well as the governmental industries, who will be probably the market for these companies. In addition, such events will pave the way for the confrontation of the big organizations with a large number of suppliers, who may produce their required products.”

Having referred to the other previous meetings in specialized areas such as gas, construction, urban development, steel, automotive and health, Mr. Ghanbarpour said, "The meetings held on exploiting local technologies is a milestone for creating communication between the two parties of supply and demand. If the demanded technology does not exist, Iran National Technomart would apply for research, development and production of the required technical knowledge by means of specialized methods such as investment funds as well as providing bank guarantees in order to ensure companies’ performances.”

The Head of Iran National Technomart mentioned that, "With regard to the restrictions the Iranian organizations have in respect of supplying their required products from outside of borders, negotiations are currently in progress aimed at strengthening the local capability in order to resolve such requirements, so that resolving such limitations do not pose threats to the producers and we can see a sable market development.”

It is worth noting that some 23 knowledge-based and technologist companies from across the state have participated and presented their achievements and technical knowledge, and they are expected to draw up agreements for the purchase of products.
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