The Specialized Conference of localizing the Technological Requirements of Morvarid Petrochemical Co

0 Dec 22 2018 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

The specialized conference of localization of technological needs of Morvarid Petrochemical Company was held with the attempts of the commercialization center of Pardis Technology Park in Asaluyeh aimed at introducing the infrastructures of Pardis Technology Park in line with localization, resolution of the technological requirements and risk reduction of petrochemical industries in utilizing knowledge-based equipment as well as presentation of two modern technologies on lasers aimed at developing gas analysis system and increasing the lifetime of the mechanical parts.

This one-day event was held on 10 Dec. 2018 in Morvarid Petrochemical Complex and with the presence of managers and experts in the field of mechanics, electric power and instrumentation, safety, process and research & development, and thereupon the infrastructures of Pardis Technology Park regarding relations with other industries and public organizations in order for supplying their technological requirements and commercializing modern technologies in different categories such as accepting legal and financial liabilities in terms of technological plans, providing technological guarantee for the knowledge-based products, creating knowledge-based consortiums in executing macro projects, creating databases of the modern products or technologies commensurate with the needs of the governmental industries, facilitating the process of entering the vendor lists of industries for the high-tech products, reducing the risk of utilizing knowledge-based equipment in the public industries and detracting the concerns for future purchases of organizations and governmental industries, were discussed and investigated.

Two plans in the fields of instrumentation and mechanics were displayed in this conference. Laser Analyzers, as the most updated technology in measuring different particles and molecules and one of the most sensitive equipment in the petrochemical industries were investigated. Moreover, the modern technology of Shock Peening Laser was offered to the managers and experts of this petrochemical complex as the most important solution for increasing the lifetime of the mechanical components in comparison to the already existing technologies in the country.

Further on in the conference, Mr. (Eng.) Jalali, the maintenance manager of Morvarid Petrochemical Company, appreciated the measures of Pardis Technology Park and added that, "Pardis Technology Park has intelligently identified many of the concerns and challenges of industries in getting use of knowledge-based products and it has also provided excellent executive solutions to these challenges.”

On the sidelines of this conference, the important challenges of the MEG dept. of Morvarid Petrochemical Company in using analyzers as well as the "Shock Pinning” technology were initiated by the mechanical experts, and not only they were warmly welcomed by the participators, but it was also determined to hold technical meetings with the presence of the experts of the petrochemical complex and the managing director of Binab Sanjesh Damavand Company in Pardis Technology Park.

Morvarid Petrochemical Company needs to hold specialized meetings with managers and experts in Pardis Technology Park concerning issues such as Bearing Magnetic Turbo Expanders of the Olefin unit and pH Assessment Analyzers, so that it get more familiar with the achievements and capabilities of the knowledge-based companies.

In the end, it is notable that despite the sanctions imposed on the country, the most important concern of the governmental companies is to provide the technological equipment required forth industries, and other hand, the risk of utilizing the knowledge-based products is another challenge in the communication ring between industry and the knowledge-based companies.

In so doing, Pardis Technology Park has played a critical role in establishing this communication and developing the market for the products and capabilities of knowledge-based companies and resolving the needs of the industry by holding such specialized conferences and accepting other legal and financial liabilities thereof. In this conference, Morvarid Petrochemical Company informed the Commercialization Center of its technological needs, and it was determined that the commercialization center identifies and evaluates the relevant companies and to hold the 2nd specialized meeting in different fields of technology, planning and executing the two plans of Laser Shock Peening and NDIR Technology in recognizing the particles.
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