The Visit of the Ambassadors of the I.R.IRAN from Pardis Technology Park

0 Aug 23 2018 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

A group of ambassadors of the Islamic Republic of Iran abroad gave a visit to Pardis Technology Park and they were informed of the capabilities, researches and measures accomplished in the Park. This conference was held with the purpose of introducing the efficiency and capabilities of the Technology & Knowledge-based companies with the approach of economic development. The ambassadors attending the conference expressed hope to take major steps in developing the international interactions of the national innovators by supporting the knowledge-based companies and the young entrepreneurs.

Mr. Mehdi Safarinia, the President of Pardis Technology Park, said, "Our main goal is to create a home for the Iranian experts and scholars abroad, and in so doing we must bear in mind that the knowledge-based companies are one of the important foundations of economic development, and technology parks, on the other side, are regarded as the principal infrastructures of scientific and research development etc.”

He asserted, "We can already see a suitable scientific and research development in our universities, which is mostly indebted to the students and the scholars, and because of that, Pardis Technology Park intends to take advantage of and support these ideas and to convert them from mere ideas to products to be sold.”

Making remarks on the measures taken, Mr. Safarinia mentioned that, "There are 260 technology and knowledge-based companies in the Park, which have been able to employ 4000 personnel and to offer some 900 products to the national and international markets.”

Head of the Center for Science & Technology International Interactions of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, Mr. Alimorteza Birang, in remarks on the interactions and communications of the knowledge-based companies’ managers with the diplomats and ambassadors said that "fortunately, technology diplomacy has incurred a good growth in the recent years.”

Mr. Birang added, "The first and the most important task we can do for attracting investments is to introduce our capabilities to other countries; however, due to the negative propaganda published against the Islamic Republic of Iran in the international arena, they do not have the opportunity to get to know our capabilities. This is while if we can properly introduce our local technologies, we will definitely see optimal fundraising, diplomacy and communication.”

At the end of this occasion, the guests gave a visit to the Permanent Exhibition of the Technological Products of the Member Companies and they got familiar with the latest achievements of the two companies Arya Teb Firooz and Electronic Bartar, both active in the field of medical equipment.

It is worth noting that these ambassadors visited the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as the Presidents of the three Branches and some other authorities and exchanged views.
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