The first specialized meeting of mining technologies

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The first technical meeting attended by 10 Iranian companies active in mining field technologies and the representatives of Mintek Company (South Africa) was held in PTP by support of Iran National Techno market.

According to PTP’s Public Relations, in order to increase technological exchanges between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the countries owning the technologies, the first specialized meeting of mining technologies was held in two public and private sections in PTP.

Mr. Akbar Ghanbarpour, the director of Iran National technomarket emphasized on the mission of the center in transferring the required new and advanced technologies and creating a good context for the interaction of foreign and domestic companies stated that Fortunately, with the cooperation of Mintek company (South Africa) we could held this meeting with the active participation of Iranian companies in the

Mr. Mngomezulu, CEO of Mintek Co. expressed satisfaction with the technological achievements of Iran and said PTP is one of the pillars and publishers of modern technology in the world and a good future could be imagined for Iran Silicon Valley.

He went on considering tax exemptions that are included in PTP and noted that Tax exemption could attract good investments in PTP.

The CEO of Mintek, noted the high knowledge of Iranian companies and added that, due to the end of sanctions, Iran has got key position in presenting potentials and technological capabilities and cooperation with other countries, we managed to negotiate with 7 Iranian companies and we are prepared to conclude cooperation agreement with them.

According to the report, at the end of the meeting, Iran National techno market announced readiness to allocate a work office to Mintek Company in Pardis Technology Park.

According to the report, 5 Iranian company "Kani Kavan Shargh", "Sabir", "Kian Pars Mine," "Behrizan steel" and "gamma-ray industry" negotiated with Mintek Co. and it was decided that after reviewing the draft of cooperation agreement offered by Iranian companies to Mintek Company, MOUs would be signed in the near future and the areas of cooperation would be pursued.

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