The first steering council meeting of TIM 2022 was held

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The first steering council meeting of TIM 2022 was held on Sep20 2021. The meeting was attended by President of D8-tten, Mr. Mahdi Safarinia, TIM2022 Event Secretary, Mr. Milad SadrKhanlou and representatives of Science and Technology Vice-Presidency of Iran, Iran National Innovation Fund, Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA), Trade Promotion Organization, Iranian Venture Capital Association, A Corporate Venture Capital of MCI, Bahman Capital and the organizing company of TIM2022, Kariz Etemad.
The program started with a presentation of TIM2021 reported by Mr. Milad SadrKhanlou which elucidate the achievements of TIM in the past. Milad SadrKhanlou also shared some figures regarding D8-ttne in order to show its capacity and major activities. After that, TIM2022 Executive Director, Mr. Ehsan Safarnavadeh, briefed the meeting regarding to the current activities of TIM2022 Secretariat and plans and projects which they are following up.
next, the members of the steering council expressed their viewpoints in order to determine the general policies of TIM2022 event.
Therefore, the integration of government institutions, the private sector and other components of the innovation ecosystem to create a dialogue at the level of international interaction was mentioned as one of the requirements for achieving the goals of TIM2022.
In the end, Mr. Saffarinia, president of D8-tten, while summarizing the issues raised, considered the creation of the capacity to use the pristine markets of the D8 countries for investors as another important goal of this event.
The 4th Technology Investment Meeting, TIM2022, will be held on February 21 and 22, 2022 with the participation of international investors and startups at Pardis Technology Park, Iran.
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