Top Ideas Presented at Pharmaceutical Industry Innovation Festival

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Eight top ideas in the field of pharmaceutical industry proposed their plans during the pharmaceutical industry innovation festival, which was held at the Azadi Innovation Factory on August 4th, 2019.

Supported by the Iranian National Technomart Network and the vice presidency for science and technology, the festival is 17thevent of the series of innovation festivals, which is held in order to facilitate the relationship between investors and entrepreneurs.

The festival connected the entrepreneurs and in the field of the pharmaceutical industry and industry owners and investors.

The top ideas were chosen from 80 submitted plans to the secretariat of the event during winter 2018-2019.

The jury selected 40 plans for publication in the festival’s booklets. The procedure of industrial manufacturing for Alogliptin, a medicine treat type 2 diabetes, nano-phytosome medical solution, a traditional medicine-based drug for functional constipation in babies, usage and synthesize of nano curcumin for treating Multiple sclerosis (MS) are amongst the selected plans.

Representatives from over 40 venture capitals, accelerator centers and investors in the field of pharmaceutical industries attended the event.

The festival inaugurated with the speech of the head of Iran National Technomart Milad Sadrkhanlou and continued with the presentation of top ideas.

The head of Hamava accelerator center Reza Kalantarinejad and the head of PersisGen accelerator AmirHossein Karagah also made a speech during the event.

The festival also hosted B2B meetings and the organizer of the event, Hana Salamat Gostar Iranian Company, reported the agreements signed after the event in one month.

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