Zharf Andishan Co. ECO among top 100 Iranian scientific figures

0 Jun 23 2021 In بین‌المللی

The Chief Executive Officer of Zharf Andishan Company Hamed Daemi has been selected among top scientific figures in Iran.

The award is granted annually by Iranian Science Eminence Federation (ISEF)to 100 researchers and top faculty members.

The top scientific figures will receive permit for entering the evaluation process if they had published an article.

Pardis Technology Park paves way for scientific growth

Chief Executive Officer of Zharf Andishan Company Hamed Daemi said suitable scientific fields and trainings provided for teamwork in Pardis Technology Park have created a dynamic context for scientific growth.

Referring to the efforts made in line with establishing effective interaction with industry, he said: We are after identifying Iran's industrial needs and fulfilling them.

Accordingly, we seek to define academic researches, he noted.

Fortunately, the dynamic atmosphere created by Pardis Technology Park has paved the way for us to better monitor and identify Iran's requirements, at least in the field of medicine, Daemi said.

He reiterated that the interactive context in Pardis Technology Park and the training provided in teamwork and financial fields has created an ecosystem where companies can answer the country's scientific questions and interact with each other.

Edited On : Sep 18 2021

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