Zharf Andishan Company produces polymers for research and lab

0 Jan 03 2021 In بین‌المللی

Zharf Andishan Company in Elite Technology Development Center has produced polymers for laboratory and research purposes.

These products had earlier been imported, Chief Executive Officer of Zharf Andishan Company said.

He added that the company has so far produced 100 products.

The company has distributed about 60 polymer materials and over 30 small molecules products.

Due to currency fluctuations, it is not possible for Iran to purchase these materials from abroad; therefore, laboratories and research centers that deal with these materials, will have limited research activities.

He referred to Gelatin methacrylate as another item produced by Zharf Andishan Company which is used as a scaffold for cell maintenance.

He went on to say that sulfate alginate and oxide alginate are also produced for laboratory and suitable for cell culture.

Intermediate polymers are most commonly used in the production of ice cream and pasta, he said adding that salep used in ice cream and confectionery is a kind of polymer and imported material and polymers produced in this company can replace foreign samples.

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