Zist Takhmir CEO praised as female entrepreneur

0 Nov 16 2020 In بین‌المللی

The chief executive officer of Zist Takhmir Company Sahar Bahmani was praised as female entrepreneur.

The event was held in the presence of Vice-President for Science and Technology Affairs Sorena Sattari and Iran's Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs Masoumeh Ebtekar.

During the meeting, some of the female entrepreneurs in science and advanced technologies fields were praised and they received plaque of honor.

Participants presented their capabilities in the field of creating job opportunities and added value.

Addressing the meeting, Sattari said scientific, economic and industrial progress of any country requires improving ecosystem and its adaptation to identified goals.

He added that the number of knowledge-based companies increased from 500 to 5,400.


The products worth over 120,000 billion tomans.

Achievements of Iranian scientists and scientific activists indicate that there are great capacities with regard to scientific and knowledge-based activities.

Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs and the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology Affairs also signed agreement.

Zist Takhmir Company has so far produced 40 items which have been made for the first time in Iran.

According to its official website, Zist Takhmir is the leading manufacturer of probiotic bulks as well as probiotic dosage form supplements in Iran. There are also several products in the pipeline which will be available within the next year.

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