During the final KANZ scientific competition:

3rd KANZ Scientific Competition to Present 80 Challenges in Islamic World

3rd KANZ Scientific Competition to Present 80 Challenges in Islamic World

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The third round of the KANZ scientific competition for U-45 Muslim researchers and scientists will be held in 6 different fields and by presenting 80 challenges related to the Islamic countries.

The event will be held in 6 fields, including food and agriculture industries, health and medical equipment, water, energy and environment, electronics and robotics, information technology, communication and artificial intelligence, mining and mining industries.

The following challenges have been presented in the field of scientific competition of food and agricultural industries; Agricultural disease monitoring and prediction tools, orchard sprayers, early detection of disease in fruit plants using deep learning, livestock monitoring system, integrated agricultural station equipped with Internet of Things (IoT), agriculture, food industry and related technologies, challenges of microalgae production and maintenance and lack of sufficient amount of dissolved oxygen in the water to grow aquatic animals.

Most of the challenges are presented in the field of scientific competition of water, energy and environment; Challenges and pollution caused by plastic and microplastics in Pakistan, e-waste pollution in Pakistan, cleaning the oil-contaminated soils, developing small-scale wastewater treatment technologies, recommended technologies for pesticide degradation of persistent organic pollutants, role of clay minerals in volcanic gas emissions., obtaining clean water after emergency situations, water resources management in the Middle East states and its geopolitical impact on the intensity and extent of dust occurrence, commercialization of weather data, ecological and climatic migrations, chemistry Green; New applications and opportunities of agriculture, revitalization of Anzali wetland and removal of invasive species, recycling and landfilling of waste in Saravan site and elimination of unpleasant odors, energy waste and how to manage energy consumption, design and implementation and executive works, creating a transformation in academic attitudes and pushing the existing capacities in order to strengthen social responsibility and give priority to solving the country’s issues are among the challenges discussed in this scientific competition.

In the field of electricity, electronics and robotics scientific competition, the key challenges of attracting students to STEM science, technology, engineering and math programs, wireless energy transmission for charging electronic cars, FMCW radar for commercial applications, solar cells for charging electronic devices and sensors in micro scale.

Meanwhile, in scientific competition of information and communication technology and artificial intelligence, unsupervised learning, justifiable artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence is a multidisciplinary research field, the expansion of educational justice through technology, the keys to improving artificial intelligence, educational assistive technology for autism, internet agents and telecommunications, online authentication, gastrointestinal system, remote ophthalmology, sound-based wearable sensors, optimization of FeO content in electric arc furnace slag using machine learning algorithms, prediction of properties of sponge iron produced in the direct reduction process with the help of artificial neural networks are presented as a challenge.



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