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Azadi Innovation Factory Successful in Furnace Printing on Different Dishes

Azadi Innovation Factory Successful in Furnace Printing on Different Dishes

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 “Koroush Mug” which is a technology company based in Azadi Innovation Factory has succeeded in furnace printing on a variety of porcelain, glass, crystal and ceramic dishes, products that are able to compete with foreign samples.

Koroush Mug Company which has been established in Azadi Innovation Factory as a member of Pardis Technology Park has been successful in printing furnace printing on a variety of dishes.

The Chief Executive Officer of Koroush Mug Company Khatibi said that there are various tastes in different regions of Iran that we can cover a wide range of tastes and meet the customer's needs by properly designing the dishes.

We have always tried to improve the quality of our products and expand our field of activity, he added.

There are many similar products in China but the high quality of the company's products can prevent the import of many products from China and other countries.

The items we produce in the country have much fairer prices in competitive markets with foreign products, especially China; because in Iran there are very high quality raw materials, lower energy prices than other countries and lower labor costs.


Azadi Innovation Factory has boosted our motivation, and the presence of creative teams, especially in the collaborative work environment, has improved networking and the use of other companies' capabilities, Khatibi said.


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