Pilot flight simulation in Pardis Technology Park:

Creating Pilot Experience with An Airplane Simulator

Creating Pilot Experience with An Airplane Simulator

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Flight simulators have made it possible to not only train pilots, but also fulfill the dreams of people who are looking for piloting and flying experience.

Rofam Company, as a knowledge-based company, has produced a simulation to create a pilot flight experience and showcased it in Pardis Technology Park.

Flight simulator is a device or software that simulates flight and its conditions, flight simulator is used to train pilots and experience piloting and flying for the public.

Maroon Fanawar Robotics Knowledge-based company (Rofam) is one of the knowledge-based companies in the field of aviation industry, as well as designing and manufacturing all kinds of simulators of airplanes, helicopters and sea and land vehicles with educational and entertainment applications.

One of the products of this company is a flight simulator.

Head of Rofam Hamd Bozorgzadeh presiding board referred to the activities of this company in the field of flight simulation, saying that the military training groups have focused on providing the motion system and show all types of fighters and passenger planes, and in the field of body construction were satisfied with the existing ones.

Rofam has simulated the plane itself in addition to the technical parts.

Three main issues are considered in flight simulators. The first one is the flight cabin, which Rofam has been able to create the most similar appearance to the original aircraft in the simulation it has produced.

In addition to the ability of the company to produce a real model of the plane, this issue also affects the beauty of this product.

The movement system and the simulator video and display system are the other two main parts of our product, he added.

All the commands and flight control operators are designed with the highest functional precision, and it causes a flight experience close to reality for the user, he noted.

He noted that various military and entertainment groups have placed orders for the manufacture of various examples of flight simulators to this company, and the company's technicians are making other examples of simulators.


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