A look at PTP performance on the occasion of Government Week:

From PTP’s €320m Exports to 24 Countries to Materializing 2200 Innovations in Last 10 Years

From PTP’s €320m Exports to 24 Countries to Materializing 2200 Innovations in Last 10 Years

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Pardis Technology Park’s activity has saved over $676m worth of foreign exchange per year and €320m worth of exports to Europe and Africa to Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Knowledge-based economy is one of the main axes of the resistance economy policies, and requires the expansion of its production based on knowledge, technology, innovation, and increasing labor and capital efficiency and the growth of economic productivity in the country.

Science and technology park is an organization managed by professionals and aimed at increasing wealth in the society by encouraging and promoting the culture of innovation and increasing the competitiveness among companies and institutions that rely on science and knowledge.

All technology parks in the world are formed with the general purpose of developing technology and knowledge-based businesses.

These parks can also play an essential role as facilitator in improving the quality and quantity of production.

They help the production cycle, empowerment and the process of improving the production space in the country by injecting technology and innovation.

About two decades since the establishment of the first technology park in Iran, and due to the importance of these centers in improving the production environment and development of basic economics in the past years, these parks have developed a lot and despite the sanctions, they have been able to play an influencing role in using domestic knowledge and technology.

Pardis Technology Park affiliated to the presidential office, as a center for creating an innovation zone in Pardis with the aim of replacing domestic and foreign talents and experts with oil resources through the production of technological products, started its activity in 1380.

Creating a suitable business environment for knowledge and innovative companies in order to maintain elites and attract non-resident Iranian experts and foreign technologists, meet the country's complex technological needs and the source of the formation of technological springs and facilitate the process of attraction, promotion and dissemination is determined to move and manage the flow of knowledge and technology and innovation among universities, research and development institutions, private companies and industry and the market and the functions of Pardis Technology Park.

By the end of 1400, more than 281,000 square meters of research and technology spaces have been created and equipped for the establishment and activity of technology and start-up units in the park and its branches.


  • A family as wide as Pardis

Technology units are the most important component of Pardis Technology Park, which contribute the most to the economic performance of the park.

Currently, more than 400 technology units and brokers providing specialized business services are working in the park, of which more than 150 companies have basic knowledge approval.

348 technology companies have also left the park.



The technology units that have become members of Pardis Technology Park are continuously monitored in terms of their growth and development.

In addition to the technology units, companies providing specialized business services are also active in this complex, and their number has reached 51 by the end of 1400.


  • The performance of Pardis Technology Park members


 In addition to meeting the country’s domestic needs, Pardis Technology Park has saved foreign exchange, which was more than $676 million per year only in 1398-1400.

Pardis Technology Park’s supportive measures, along with the efforts made by personnel of the member companies, have led to the total sales of units located in Pardis Technology Park in 1385-1400 reaching 780,000 billion Rials.

According to the statistics, the member companies’ sales have grown by 36% annually.


Pardis Technology Park members’ export of products and services in 1389-1400 was more than 320 million euros.

The products with more than 50 products are exported to 24 countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.



  • Innovation

Over the last 10 years, more than 2,200 innovations were materialized by the PTP member companies, including design and production of new products, indigenizing technical knowledge, patents, joint projects of design and production with domestic and foreign companies.

Currently, more than 2025 technological items are produced by the members of the park, many of which have no similar sample in the country or even in the world.

In addition to cooperating and doing joint projects with parties outside the park, these companies define joint research and production projects with other member of the park, which promotes the companies in the park and strengthens the existing technology clusters.

Over the last few years, an average of 30 joint projects and collaborations between park’s companies and 23 joint research and production projects between park members and various foreign companies have been defined and implemented.

The most important activity of knowledge-based companies is research and development activities, of which spending on research and development is one of its main topics.

Member companies have spent 30 billion Rials in this sector in 1394-1399, which is equal to 4% of their total sales.

With the outbreak of COVID19, these companies started fighting this virus, and the efforts of 28 member companies in the park has resulted in the production of 32 products:

  • PCR test kit
  • Providing support platform
  • Disinfectant solution
  • Respiratory and protective mask
  • Device for studying structure of virus
  • Corona vaccine production line
  • Disinfection device
  • Saliravira drug
  • Technical infrastructure of the 4030 system
  • Pulmonary function testing (spirometer)
  • Screening test at home
  • Ventilator
  • Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)
  • Virtual consultation
  • Online payment platform
  • Office automation and remote work
  • Anesthesia Machine
  • Call center system

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