Designing various store websites by a startup in the Pardis Technology Park growth center:

Implementation of Professional Platforms for A Store Site in Limoobit

Implementation of Professional Platforms for A Store Site in Limoobit

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Limoobit, as one of the members of Pardis Technology Park Growth Center, with the presence of a group of experts, has designed and implemented various store websites based on customer needs.

Today, store websites have become a platform for selling all kinds of goods.

Limoobit started work in 1396 with the aim of designing and developing a professional store website platform and implementing exclusive stores in the Elite Technology Development Center of Pardis Technology Park.

The Chief Executive Officer of Limoobit Farhad Kazemipoor said that experts from various fields such as programming, UX design, graphic design, marketing, support, etc. gathered to provide a suitable store website platform.

Regarding Limoobit products, he said that various stores are offered according to the needs of customers, including B2C online store, marketplace website, drop shipping website and Multi Store website.

He also referred to SEO services and website optimization, digital marketing and consulting and mentoring as other services provided by Limoo



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