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Iran Health; Supply of Capabilities to Attract Foreign Capital

Iran Health; Supply of Capabilities to Attract Foreign Capital

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Organizing large events is a great opportunity for businesses to showcase their capabilities and products. As the largest and most important event in the field of medical, dental, laboratory, and pharmaceutical equipment and services, Iran Health Show paves the ground for introducing innovative businesses in the field of health to investors, so that activists in this field can pave the way for their progress.

The 25th edition of the Iran Health Show was also held with the support of the Vice Presidency for Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy and the various initiatives of Pardis Technology Park for four days at Tehran International Exhibition Centre to pave the way for the emergence of the capabilities of startups and knowledge-based companies.

In the opening ceremony of this exhibition, 16 technological products in the field of health were unveiled; Most of these products were imported before, but now they are made in the country with the help of Iranian experts. Digital radiology machine, Elisa Kit - R.HCG 96 Test, Quantitative Luminance Kit, Elastomeric disposable injection pump, Ventilator, veress needle, Aortic Cannula Non-Reinforced Crude Type, Anesthesia Machine and Contrast Injection System are among the products unveiled in this ceremony. In the following, we will learn more about some of these products and discuss the events.

Lack of medicine or medical equipment is one of the challenges that sometimes involve the country; a problem that can endanger many patients in the society. Meanwhile, emerging manufacturing companies, knowledge-based ones and start-ups in the medical equipment and supplies industry can reduce reliance on the import of these supplies by producing diverse and extensive technological products, while meeting the needs of the country. In recent years, these health-oriented companies, despite the imposition of sanctions and many obstacles, have been able to have the highest financial turnover and employment of university graduates, and by producing new products that are made in accordance with the standards of the day, play a significant role in meeting the needs of the health sector of the society.

In the exhibition, more than 600 products were showcased in the fields of consumable and non-consumable medical equipment, dental, laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment, which can meet the needs of many medical centers and hospitals and eliminate the country's dependence on the import of these items.

  •  Development of export of health-oriented products in Iran Health Show

President of Pardis Technology Park Mahdi Saffarinia said: One of the fields with high scientific capacity in the country is the field of health; The depth of knowledge of medicine and medical equipment and the capacity of the knowledge-based are very high.

The domestic and export market of products is also very good; now many products in the field of medical equipment are sold in the foreign market. Iran Health Show, which is one of the largest health exhibitions focusing on medical equipment, has created a suitable capacity for indigenization, development and export of health products.

In the last two or three years, Pardis Technology Park has entered this area to strengthen technological and knowledge-based companies and startups and develop their technology exchange.

This year compared to last year, there has been a significant growth in the domestic and foreign aspects of the exhibition. About 600 knowledge-based, technological and start-up companies attended this exhibition.

About 60 side events will also be held in this exhibition and 200 foreign guests will visit the exhibition. Also, a significant number of foreign companies showcased their products in this exhibition. The main purpose of inviting these guests is to develop the export of these companies' products.

  •  Participation of 16 countries in the 25th Iran Health Show

Secretary of Iran Health Show 2024 Amin Reza Khaleghian said: This exhibition is the biggest event in the field of health. In addition to being a showcase of the country's health capabilities, it has created a good opportunity for investment and access to the market for companies.

The presence of knowledge-based and technological companies in this exhibition is very important so that they can have commercialization negotiations with the expected parties. The main goal of this exhibition is to prepare a package for the development of the medical equipment market. This year, 615 companies have participated in this event.

We welcomed business delegations from 16 countries such as Italy, Spain, Switzerland, India, the Netherlands, Belgium, Thailand, France, South Korea, Japan, China and Russia. In addition to their presence, China and Russia, have also set up a pavilion in this exhibition. The presence of these companies has grown by 35% compared to previous years.

Visiting these countries will definitely create an opportunity for the development of the companies' market. He says: In this exhibition, a dedicated hall was also set up for start-up companies and specialized accelerators.

Some 60 specialized sessions are also considered as other side events of this exhibition, in which technology is offered and achievements are presented.

  • Iran Health can compete with Arab Health

Addressing the opening ceremony of Iran Health Show 2024, Iran’s Vice President for Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy Rouhollah Dehghani Firouz Abadi said: Today, the health industry is very powerful. If we do not create an obstacle for this industry, it will draw big horizons for the country. During different eras, health and security development policy has been taken into consideration by all governments.

The greatest financial support, facilitation and regulation of the Vice Presidency for Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy is related to the health field, he said.

If two basic measures are taken in the country, great progress will definitely be made in this field, he added.

We should be first committed that if a person invests in this field, 70% of foreign products will be purchased from domestic products, so that investors will be more encouraged to remain active in this field, he stated.

The second step is to give a preferential exchange rate to the final consumer, he stressed.

These measures can put us in the level of the largest active countries in the field of knowledge-based health economy, he stressed.

  • Saving currency and creating jobs by making a digital radiology device

The digital radiology device was unveiled in Iran Health Show 2024, a device whose telescopic model was made for the first time in Iran and is used in ICU, CCU and emergency departments.

This diagnostic device is mostly used for patients who are unable to go to the radiology department, so they take the device to the patient's, deputy head of the company Majid Arab said.

It also has high rotational power and can move backwards and forwards at low or high speed, he added.

The image quality of this device is high. This device has the lowest received radiation dose and the highest power for imaging, which can meet all the needs of the ICU, CCU and emergency departments, he noted.

  •  Monitoring the oxygen purity grade of patients with an Iranian device

The ultrasonic oxygen purity meter and the smart pipe cutter cuff pressure controller are among the other products showcased in this exhibition.

The researchers of Khuzestan Science and Technology Park have produced these devices, which are necessary for the medical department and hospital.

CEO of the company Moslem Begol said that the purity meter or oxygen analyzer is a precise instrument for measuring the quality of oxygen output from household and industrial oxygen generators. This device is one of the widely used devices in which the purity of the oxygen produced is of vital importance because the oxygen produced by these devices decreases over time and the decrease in its purity has a direct effect on the therapeutic properties of the oxygen generator.

  •  There is no need to import catheters by indigenizing Iranian products

The researchers of one of the knowledge-based companies participating in Iran Health Show have produced an angiographic and diagnostic catheter for the first time in Iran. Catheter is a thin tube, usually long and flexible, which is used in a wide range of medical and health functions.

Mozaffar Eqbal, the CEO of this company, says: He is 100% sure that this product, which is mostly used in the field of cardiac angiography to observe blood vessels, has now been indigenized in the country, and all its parts are also 100% produced domestically.

Currently, making these products saves $10 million. Annually, about 1,300,000 catheters are used in the country, but most medical centers are facing a shortage of this product.

  • Making stainless steel sutures for heart surgery

The researchers of one of the knowledge-based companies attending Iran Health Show 2024 has designed and manufactured a stainless-steel suture which is used to close the sternum bone after open heart surgery.

Hojjat Mirzaei, the production manager of this company, says: one of the important advantages of this product is its biocompatibility.

Now, plastic and absorbable sutures are common for surgeries, but for the sternum area, where we have a resistant bone, more power is needed, and metal and non-absorbable sutures should be used, he added.




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