Another success for Elite Technology Development Center of Pardis Technology Park;

Iran’s 1st industrial SCARA Robot built by Scaratech company

Iran’s 1st industrial SCARA Robot built by Scaratech company

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The CEO of Sanat Caraye Hooshman Pardis (Scaratech) Company announced that the company, which is a member of the Elite Technology Development Center of Pardis Technology Park, has succeeded in designing and building Iran's first industrial SCARA robot.

The SCARA robot is most commonly used for pick-and-place or assembly operations where high speed and high accuracy is required. Generally a SCARA robot can operate in pharmaceutical production line as well as at higher speed and with optional cleanroom specification.

Now, the Scaratech company has managed to commercialize this robot with the support of Pardis Technology Park.

Regarding the building of this new robot, the CEO of Scaratech company Alireza Norouzian said, “For the first time in Iran, Sanat Caraye Hooshman Pardis Company has succeeded to build an industrial SCARA robot”.

“SCARA robot is one of the most popular and widely used industrial arms which is used in various industries including the pharmaceutical industry and has introduced a new concept for production line robots,” he added.

“This robot is placed on a single stand and requires little deployment space, and also with high speed and accuracy and a reasonable price, it can compete with foreign models,”Alireza Norouzian explained.

According to Norouzian, there are many reasons for using this robot in industry and production line.

“The most important advantages of using this robot are reducing production costs and increasing the quality of product and thus the possibility of competing in global markets. Increasing production rate, increasing the flexibility of production, reducing wastage and improving the production process, security and increasing employees’ health, reducing capital costs based on reducing energy consumption and reducing raw material consumption are other benefits of this robot.”

“This homegrown robot weights 48 kg and its maximum removable mass is 5 kg. The robot has a PLC control system to connect to the production line. The positional repeatability accuracy of this robot is estimated about 0.1 mm,” he noted.

Sanat Caraye Hooshman Pardis (Scaratech) Company has started its activities with presence of a group of expert robotics and mechanical engineers in Iran. The company is able to design and manufacture a variety of industrial robots, mechanisms and special machines, PLC services and consulting in the field of production line automation.




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