Along with unveiling of 5 pharmaceutical products of a member company of Pardis Technology Park;

Iran’s President visits Pardis Technology Park

Iran’s President visits Pardis Technology Park

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President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ebrahim Raisi visited Pardis Technology Park, unveiling five knowledge-based pharmaceutical products of the Biology Fermentation Company.

During the visit, Ayatollah Raisi considered the boosting of knowledge-based economy as one the country’s priorities in the path of growth and development, while stressing on quantitative and qualitative development of this complex, Pardis Technology Park public relations reported.

Recalling the emphasis of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution on the expansion of knowledge-based production in the naming of current Iranian calendar year, President Raisi called the position of science and technology parks in the realization of this naming important, urging all knowledge-based ecological actors in Iran to play an active role in this field.

During his visit to pharmaceutical knowledge-based companies, Ayatollah Raisi emphasized that people should be able to buy medicine easily and at a very low cost.

Meanwhile, five new knowledge-based pharmaceutical products including Zymucil, Acnutan, Perfect Vision, Neurobion and Pregbion were unveiled with President Raisi in attendance.

During the visit, Arya Teb Firouz knowledge-based company informed the president about the manufacturing stages of hemodialysis machines. This company has the capacity of manufacturing 2000 hemodialysis machines annually.

During the visit, President Raisi was accompanied by the Vice-President for Science and Technology Affairs Sorena Sattari, Health Minister Bahram Eynollahi and Minister of Roads and Urban Development Rostam Qasemi.



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