108 eligible works advanced to the next step

KANS Competition Releases Preliminary Results

KANS Competition Releases Preliminary Results

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The Mustafa Prize released a list of those who are eligible for the second stage of KANS Competition.

KANS Scientific Competition published a list of 108 eligible works, out of a total of 658 submitted ones.

The jury received 658 works from 25 countries in the fields of "mining and mineral industries", "water, environment, energy", "health and medical technology", including "information and communication technology", "transportation" and "economy, banking and "Financing".

Eligible works included 10 works in "Mining Industries", 31 works in the field of "Water, Environment and Energy", 29 works in "Health and Medical Technology", 14 works in "Information and Communication Technology", 13 works in "Transportation" included and 11 works in "Economy, Banking and Financing".

The works which advanced to the second stage were from Iran, Syria, Nigeria, Malaysia, Oman, Egypt, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Pakistan.

KANS is held focusing on finding the best solutions for the scientific and technological community to resolve the Islamic world problems and challenges.

KANS (Knowledge Application and Notion for Society) is a scientific competition among scholars, university students, and professors (under 45 years of age) throughout the Islamic countries in which the participants present their ideas in the form of a video presentation.


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